I started making wooden music boxes in 1980. As I made more boxes the designs and construction evolved into quality works of art. I use exotic hardwoods finished with tung oil which offers a glossy sheen while maintaining the beautiful natural colors and textures of the different woods. The unique wooden hinges are a special signature feature of my original music boxes. Wherever possible the inlay designs or natural images in the wood grain will correlate to the music in the box. For example I made a mahogany box that had a beautiful “rainbow” pattern in the grain of the wood, so the music it played was “Over the Rainbow”. Each box is sequentially numbered, dated and initialed or signed. There is limited edition numbering for those designed by Cynthia. My music boxes feature the finest quality Swiss made musical movements.

I do not make the musical movements. Custom songs can be obtained but they are very expensive and take many weeks to obtain.

The Net Neutrality battle will hopefully go the right way for William and Cynthia Kusmin at musicboxmaker.com and his wife Cynthia, for me, and all of the rest of us who uses the internet for their business or creative projects.

I didn’t look at many large firms’ letters to the FCC.   The only one who made the point that — at least here in the US — this issue has a huge impact on women’s businesses was GoDaddy.   There’s a cosmic joke in there.

(Though I also understand that they’re trying to do better.)

There’s still time for you to file a comment with the FCC.   If you can get through.



you can’t call it a cover when the guy who wrote the song is singing it, but Paul and Tommy have gotten back together under The Replacements banner and are touring this fall. they are playing Forest Hills next week. this version of Alex Chilton, probably my favorite of their songs, is great. 

"i’m in love with that song"

I would call this a cover — it’s fresh and new.   Not a tribute.



Dear Ms. Management,

What advice do you have for women who repeatedly are given advice that suggest they must not show emotions in the workplace; that to internalize & personalize work will only hurt their careers. How can junior female employees rise above common criticism of their…

Ms. Management posted late today.  

I suspect — but have no way of knowing — that last evening she may have forgotten her own rule:  the second vodka gimlet is always a mistake.